The Upper Secondary School of Iisalmi

The Upper Secondary School of Iisalmi is situated in the vicinity of the town centre. The school building was fully renovated in 2004 and prior to that, a new annex was constructed to accommodate classrooms and laboratories for natural sciences. The school prides itself on the latest technology including a great number of computers and other teaching aids.

There are thirty full-time teachers and about 300 students in our school, which makes it the biggest upper secondary school in the northern Savo district. Our school is a vibrant and modern learning centre with an extensive choice of subjects ranging from mathematics and natural sciences to several foreign languages. We also provide a wide choice of courses in various other subjects, such as history, Finnish, art and physical education. The students are required to complete a minimum of 75 courses in three or four years. The studies comprise both compulsory and optional courses. At the end of their final year, students are requested to take the national Matriculation Examination in four to six subjects. This entitles them to apply to university or college of higher education. Prior to acceptance, they are, however, requested to take part in the entrance examination.

Our school works in conjunction with the Vocational School of Iisalmi, which enables the students to acquire instruction in both schools. We also co-operate with the University of Kuopio and have a long-established tradition of international relationships. We have participated in several European Union and other projects with partners from Germany, France, Sweden, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Poland and Russia.

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Iisalmen lyseo
Haukiniemenkatu 12
FIN-74100 Iisalmi


Pasi Tolonen
gsm +358-40-830 4368