Make an event at the Cultural Center - high-class facilities and technology combine with the friendly service

When choosing the Iisalmi Culture Center as your venue, you can easily add some side activities in addition to your programme from our selection of concerts and events, varied art exhibitions, or heart-warming sports and cultural activities.

The 256 m2 foyer and the café by the Eino Säisä (470 seats) and the Karl Collan (120 seats) halls function as stylish relaxed spaces for serving whether it’s a welcome table or a large buffet table. The house also has cloakroom services. The 159-seater auditorium, the Iisalmi Hall, at Luma Center near the Cultural Center is a great complement to the conference room offering. Also the Luma Center's 180-seat Porovesi dining room is available for evening and weekend events.

The working spaces for small groups include the Anna Sahlsten class at the culture center, Alli's Chamber and the Original Sokos Hotel Koljonvirta Meeting rooms on the other side of the park.

The Cultural Center is located right in the center of Iisalmi: accommodation is located on the other side of the park in the Green Key certified Original Sokos Hotel Koljonvirta, public transport is close by, nearby activities are a short walk away and the small town services and shopping opportunities are nearby.
There are almost 400 places for accommodation in the center of Iisalmi. In addition to Sokos Hotel, Hotel Golden Dome and Hotel Iisalmen Seurahuone also offer accommodation. Spa Hotel Runni offers more accommodation in the neighbourhood of Iisalmi.

You can browse the facilities of the Culture Center from
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Iisalmi Culture Center has an up-to-date meeting room technology: wireless microphone systems, video projectors, dvd players, laptops, etc. A detailed list of the culture center technology can be found at the bottom of the page as an attachment.

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