In Sauna this kind of relaxation can be achieved. Sauna is one of the best and popular traditions here that you need to try during your stay in Finland. In addition to the great atmosphere, you can discover the best saunas in Iisalmi and its regions. Here we have different kind of saunas: smoke saunas and lakeside saunas from which you can choose the coziest ones. Here you can gaze upon beautiful landscapes, swim in the lakes and enjoy the Sauna by yourself or with your group.

In our region, nearly every accommodation have a sauna. Ask about different sauna options from your accommodation.

Different Kind Of Saunas
Smoke sauna, “savusauna” in Finnish, has a big wood-burning stove, but unlike other types of saunas, it doesn’t have a chimney.
The traditional sauna is the original Finnish sauna type. The wood is used to heat the sauna by burning it in the stove. The necessary temperature is reached by controlling the amount of fire in the stove.
Nowadays, the majority of people in Finland uses the electrically heated sauna, which has been available since the 1950s. This type of sauna is efficient, safe, stylish and easy to use. There are often remote controls for an easy use and the electric heater is wall- or floor-mounted. There are heaters for different sauna sizes.

This type resembles Turkish-style spa rather than a sauna, since the humidity level of the steam room is 100% and the temperature is much lower than in a traditional Finnish sauna.
Infrared heating system is based on the person’s body heat rather than on the air heating. That is the reason why this type of sauna is also known as a “heat therapy room”.
Floating Sauna type.
Sauna and Health

For ages the sauna has been considered the very source of energy and health in Finland, and even today the average Finn finds the question of sauna´s health risks rather amusing than serious. By an old Finnish saying: an illness was to cause death if liquor, tar and sauna did not help.

Sauna has been a subject of scientific medical research for a couple of hundred years. Here are some findings of these studies:

For any healthy person the sauna bath presents no health risk but rather gives a pleasant, relaxing and refreshing experience beneficial to both body and mind. It cleanses the pores of the skin, alleviates aches and pains and helps many people sleep more soundly. The golden rule with the sauna is the feeling of comfort: you can go to the sauna as often as you wish, stay there as long as you wish and repeat the hot-cold cycle as many times as you wish so long as it feels comfortable. Beginners may start with a recommended procedure until they learn the way they enjoy the sauna best.

Sauna Terminology

Here is a list of some common Finnish words related to the sauna.

Finnish style sweat bath.

1) Steam or vapour created by throwing water on the stones of the stove
2) The heat, humidity and temperature in the sauna in general.

Vihta, vasta
Whisk, made of birch (or similar) twigs. Used for beating the body in the hot room to stimulate the feel of the löyly.

Duct or vent on the sauna wall close to the ceiling. The size of the opening is usually adjusted with a simple slideboard.