Welcome to Iisalmi!

Our city is known as an active and dynamic regional centre. Iisalmi is just the right size to provide a great place to live, an exciting destination for visitors and an excellent location for your business. Our idyllic city centre is set beside a beautiful lake and has been built on a grid plan. To enjoy the glorious views over the lake, you only have to stroll across the park by the marina. The town’s parks and squares were designed to form a cross linking the churches. They create a nationally significant cultural environment offering urban walking routes. Iisalmi has invested in high-quality and extensive education. In our primary and secondary schools, during the nine years of, compulsory education our pupils receive up to 19 weeks more instruction than is required by the national minimum standard. This is evident in our pupils’ learning outcomes.

Iisalmi will give your children a head start in life. In Iisalmi, being close to nature doesn’t mean having to go without all the amenities. Iisalmi residents enjoy a high quality of life and can organise their lives effortlessly. When your day-to-day life is rolling along nicely, you will have more time for leisure than in busy and congested urban areas. And we can offer great ideas for how to spend the time you have freed up, from cultural activities to sports and exercise. Visit Iisalmi Cultural Centre for theatre and concerts, or listen to superb jazz performances thanks to Koko Jazz Club’s partnerships with local restaurants. We have been investing in sports facilities for decades. Our top-level sports fields, halls, routes and tracks have enough availability not only for the members of sports clubs but for all residents. 

Iisalmi offers many opportunities for good living. Choose a home that goes with your lifestyle; a city centre apartment close to the amenities or a house in the country in a peaceful location surrounded by nature. The City of Iisalmi offers a full and diverse range of plots of land for those wanting to build their own home. For us, the dream of having a detached house by a lake in the city centre is a reality.

The conditions for running your business in Iisalmi are excellent. We can provide you with land and premises for both industrial and service sector use. You will find that the city council and businesses work together without unnecessary formalities, and that the council has quick decision-making processes. The city council helps businesses to network, making it easier for new entrepreneurs to settle in Iisalmi.

For visitors, the Iisalmi region offers a perfect break and many opportunities for enjoying an active leisure time. Impressive summer events offer unforgettable moments, year after year. Each summer, outdoor theatres put on new shows, and the Oluset festival brings together top performers from across Finland. And genuine Savo hospitality to crown it all. Come and experience it for yourself.

Jarmo Ronkainen
City of Iisalmi
Tel. +358 17 272 3200, +358 40 661 5351

Mayor’s secretary Kaisa Kajanus
Tel. +358 17 272 3206