The quality of Finnish education is praised around the world. A functioning education system guarantees equal education to all children, and Finnish schoolchildren have succeeded exceptionally well in the prestigious PISA study (Programme for International Students Assessment).

All children living in Finland are entitled to free basic education organized by the city or district. At the age of six, children start pre-school, which is provided by nurseries and primary schools. Usually at the age of seven, children embark on their nine-year primary and secondary education. After secondary school, pupils can continue to upper secondary schools or vocational schools. Graduates from these can continue their studies at polytechnics and universities. 

In Iisalmi, the quality of education of children and the young is very good, guaranteeing pupils an opportunity to continue their studies. Comprehensive schools have an excellent level of modern technology and functionality, increasing the students’ comfort at school.

In the Iisalmi area are located the Ylä-SavoVocational College and the Iisalmi unit of Savonia University of Applied Sciences. Special vocations that can be studied in the area include rural entrepreneur, animal care worker and riding instructor. In Savonia University of Applied Sciences, it is possible to graduate as Nurse or Bachelor of Social Sciences.


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Preschools13 comprehensive schools ,
Special school for disabled children
Upper Secondary School of Iisalmi
Adult Secondary School
Ylä-Savo Vocational College
Savo Vocational College
Savonia University of Applied Sciences
Close cooperation with the University of Eastern Finland and Oulu
Kuopio Summer University
Iisalmi Community College
Ylä-Savo Music Institute
Iisalmi Children and Youth Visual Arts’ School