Iisalmi Swimming Pool

Iisalmi Swimming Pool has a full-sized pool (25m), therapy pool with hydro massage, children's pool with swimming aids and a padding pool with toys for small children. After a good swim, you can warm up in our traditional sauna or steam sauna. The swimming bath also has a cafe and a gym.

Joukolankatu 15, 74120 Iisalmi
Tel. +358 (0)40 350 2534

Beaches in Iisalmi
Divers have checked all the beaches and swimming places managed by the City of Iisalmi during spring and early summer 2018.
City beach (EU-beach)
Haukiniemenkatu 1 a
74100 Iisalmi

Kirkonsalmi beach
Uimarinpolku 8 
74120 Iisalmi

Kangaslampi beach
Pihlajakatu 7
74130 Iisalmi

Makkaralahti beach
Suistamonkatu 78b
74120 Iisalmi
Swimming places:
Kaislakuja 4
74130 Iisalmi

Rannantie 209
74140 Iisalmi

Ylemmäisentie 6
74160 Iisalmi

Lumikonkatu 12 a
74130 Iisalmi

Ouluntie 37
74160 Iisalmi

Kurikkaniementie 64b
74150 Iisalmi

Taatontie 14
74130 Iisalmi

Haukilahdentie 1064e
74550 Iisalmi

Haukimäentie 259b
74150 Iisalmi
The city's beach cafes
Summer café at kaupunginranta (City beach)
Open Mon-Sat 10.30-21.00, Sun 11.00 - 21.00. In August until 20:00.
We offer coffee, salty and sweet bread, refreshments and ice cream.

Port's Summer Kiosk (mini-company)
Open in July. Check out the kiosk's opening times on Facebook: www.facebook.com/SatamanKesakioski
Offer salty and sweet, as well as ice cream and drinks.