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WHY is Iisalmi associated with 'the miracle of Iisalmi', being a source of positive thinking, and boasting business partnerships that create outstanding added value?

A painting, sculpture or any other signed piece of art is usually the pride of its artist, an achievement of labor. Products and deeds worthy of signatures are made daily in Iisalmi and branding them all "By Iisalmi" is our desire. On these pages we want to introduce people to the wide-ranging talents of Iisalmi. You can find the most interesting jobs, stories about everyday life in Northern Savo and information regarding various study places.

Do you have, or do you know someone in Iisalmi, who has some serious talent? Please, tell about it on the recruitment pages of our partner companies so your successful story can begin!

Discover our stories and be inspired - there's a place waiting for you among the happy, highly skilled people of Iisalmi!

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True Stories of Miracle Makers

By clicking he banner on the left you'll find out true stories of Iisalmi's Miracle Makers. True stories of skills that are as strong as iron, of solid cooperation between our international companies, and of the caring lifestyle of a community where we are building a bright future together while ecologically and responsibly looking after our environment.

Discover By Iisalmi success stories
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Regional cooperation is strength elsewhere, in Ylä-Savo region it has to be superiority.

- Juha Vidgren, Ponsse Oyj

There is no hurry, no stress!

- Darren Rose, Genelec Oy

Job vacancies in Iisalmi

Familiarize yourself with job vacancies in Iisalmi here. There is always a demand for skilled workers in Iisalmi. We also provide help, for example, to arrange a job for spouses if necessary.

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You can find all the study options easily listed here. Did you know that many educational sessions are organized here for companies’ needs in coordination with learning institutions.

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