Student, welcome to Iisalmi!

Iisalmi is located in Ylä-Savo region, a decent distance away from other cities like Kuopio, Kajaani and Oulu. Iisalmi is surrounded by beautiful waters. It is an idyllic regional city where students have good circumstances for living. Iisalmi offers cheap accommodation and great possibilities for hobbies and outdoor activities. The distances between places to go in Iisalmi are not a trouble: you can reach any place by bicycle or by foot.

This website offers you overall services to support your life here. For example, you can find all the learning institutions in Iisalmi, possibilities for accommodation and student benefits. You can easily familiarize yourself with stories by students who already lived here by watching the video below.

Explore students’ stories (subtitles in English)
Learning institutions

Savonia University of Applied Sciences

At Savonia University of Applied Sciences Iisalmi campus you can study, for example, social servicing, nursing or agrology. Savonia also offers diverse options to study different majors including the degree of mechanical engineering. High-quality teaching ensures that the student becomes an expert in their field and a future developer who can easily start working.

Ylä-Savo Vocational College

There are alternatives in study programs for both young and adult students. Basic education covers widely studies like mechanics, transport, natural resources, tourism, nutrition and economics. Professional skills can also be supplemented by completing a professional or special vocational qualification. Students also have the opportunity to complete part of the studies abroad during the on-the-job learning period.

Savo Vocational College

Savo Vocational College Iisalmi campus provides high-quality teaching in nursing and business education for young people. Internationality is also part of the school curriculum, and for example, students can complete on-the-job learning abroad.

Upper Secondary School of Iisalmi

There are many different study modules available in the Upper Secondary School of Iisalmi for students’ personal interests. Comprehensive course selection and expert teaching will ensure that students get excellent skills for future studies. Come and experience the highlights of the school years in Iisalmi!

Ylä-Savo Music Institute

The Ylä-Savo Music Institute is responsible for providing basic music education as well as organizing concerts and other activities related to the promotion and development of music culture in the regions of Iisalmi, Kiuruvesi, Pielavesi, Sonkajärvi and Vieremä.

Snellman Summer School

The Snellman Summer School organizes open university education, vocational training, language courses, children's university activities, senior university activities, final-year student and high school courses, public lectures and all-round education. The Snellman Summer School is run by the Snellman Institute (Snellman-instituutti ry). The Summer School is a training and cultural organization promoting regional co-operation in the North Savo region.

Student unions
SAVOTTA – Savonia University of Applied Sciences
SALKKU – Savo Vocational College
Ylä-Savo Vocational College Student Union
Upper Secondary School of Iisalmi Student Union
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