Iisalmi Culture Centre & Open Air Theatre


Iisalmi Culture Centre

Kirkkopuistonkatu 9, 74100 Iisalmi
Tel. +358 40 830 2757


Open Air Theatre Koljonvirta

Ask for more information
At the City Hall customer service desk

Pohjolankatu 14, 74101 Iisalmi 
Tel. +358 40 350 4217 
e-mail: tourism@iisalmi.fi


Eemil Art Museum

Born in Lapinlahti, sculptor Eemil Halonen (1875-1950) is among the most revered names in Finnish sculpture. He created a new interest in the tradition of woodcarving, and was one of the pioneers of granite sculpting in Finland. Halosten Museosäätiö Foundation owns a unique collection of Eemil Halonen’s works. 80 of these works are conserved sculptures, and they are included in the collection exhibition, ‘An Artist’s Journey’. The Art Museum is open in 2018 generally Wed-Fri 11am to 4pm and Sat-Sun 11am to 3pm. In summer (8 June - 31 July) Tue-Sun 11am to 6pm. Please note that different opening times may apply on public holidays and during the changing of exhibitions. Admission 0/7/8 euros. Free admission with the Museum Card. Book an expert guide from 60 euros per group.

Suistamontie 3, 73100 Lapinlahti 
Tel. +358 40 187 2678, 

March your troops to Koljonvirta

Koljonvirta, where battles and stories come alive, is a perfect holiday destination for families.

Koljonvirta is best known for a famous battle fought here between the Swedes and the Russians in the Finnish War. As a result of the war, Finland was ceded to the Russian Empire and given autonomy at the 1809 Porvoo Diet. The Battle of Koljonvirta took place on 27 October 1808. The forces formed of Swedes and Finns fighting under Colonel Sandels were victorious over the Russians. The fight was portrayed by Finland’s national poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg in his epic poem “Tales of Ensign Stål”. The Koljonvirta history trail with its information stops takes you back in time to the Finnish War and the Battle of Koljonvirta in beautiful natural surroundings. Along the trail there are three monuments commemorating the Finnish War and the Battle of Koljonvirta.

Ask Ylä-Savo’s Guides for a guided tour of the History Trail.

Anja Kauppinen
Tel. +358 44 276 7729


Juhani Aho Museum

Author Juhani Aho (1861-1921) lived in Mansikkaniemi between 1865 and 1876. Those times are portrayed in many of his popular short stories called ‘splinters’ or ‘lastut’ in Finnish. Juhani Aho is perhaps best known for his “Rautatie” (Finnish for ‘railroad’) that has become a literary classic. Juhani Aho Museo takes you back to a 19th century parsonage and the life of Finland’s national author.

Ouluntie 49, 74120 Iisalmi
Tel. +358 40 4894026

Brewery Museum and Olvi Oluthalli Restaurant

People have been brewing beer for thousands of years. Iisalmi’s brewing tradition goes back more than a hundred years. Discover Finland’s only Brewery Museum open to the public. The Museum is located next to Olvi Brewery by Olvi-Oluthalli Restaurant. Free admission! 

Luuniemenkatu 4, 74100 Iisalmi 
Tel. +358 44 781 5154 

Ylä-Savo Local History Museum

The heart of this local history museum is a chimneyless house dating back 300 years. The open-air museum features several buildings collected across Ylä-Savo such as storehouses, a cowshed, a shelter for seine fishing nets, a smithy and a windmill. 

Virrankatu 4, 74100 Iisalmi 
Tel. +358 17 825 865, +358 44 7844 077 

Natural History Museum

Experience natural wonders – in a museum. Iisalmi Natural History Museum features a large collection of plants, a collection of 38,000 mammal skulls, a collection of small mammal skins and several thousands of insects, stones and fossils.

Kirkkopuistonkatu 9, 74100 Iisalmi 
Tel. +358 17 818 387 

nähtävyydet 071-nosto.jpg

Church Museum

The Church Museum is located in a grand wooden church dating back to 1779. The Gustav Adolf’s Church is part of the network of ‘roadside churches’, which means that its doors stay open to visitors during the summer. The Museum is open during roadside church opening times, and during mass and other services. At other times, please contact the church. Free admission.

Kirkkotie 20, 74120 Iisalmi 


Rukajärvi Centre

The Centre tells the story of the battles held in Rukajärvi during World War II. Rukajärvi Centre has two sites: in Lieksa and Iisalmi. Both sites are significant in Rukajärvi’s military history, and they complement each other. 

Savonkatu 24, in the same building with Hotel Iisalmen Seurahuone. 

Admissions and information: 
Tel. +358 44 0207 701. 

Kotiseututalon nurkka Werner Ruotsalainen-nosto.jpg

Sonkajärvi Heritage House

In the Heritage House, Sonkajärvi’s local history and rural life come alive. The House collection includes many objects that people used in their daily life in the past. 

Museokuja 1, 74300 Sonkajärvi 
Tel. +358 40 675 0027


Jyrkkäkosken Ruukki Ironworks

In 1831, Zachris Franzén, the owner of Salahmi Ironworks, was licensed to build an iron foundry and a bar iron hammer works in Jyrkänkoski. In 1874, bricks imported from England were used to build a new, Scottish-style foundry which produced pig and bar iron, nails and cast iron goods. Jyrkkäkoski Foundry didn’t close until 1919. In summer, the historic ironworks host an art exhibition. The Jyrkkäkoski Foundry exhibition is open to visitors in the foundry building. During the events, taking place in the ironworks, you may also see forging demonstrations. The ironworks are open from May to September. Free admission.

Jyrkäntie 1881, 7480 Jyrkkä
Tel. +358 50 353 1897 


Vieremä Local History Museum

This open-air museum’s collections include two original logging lodges and various horse-drawn vehicles. Open on weekdays in June and July.

Petterintie 35, 74200 Vieremä 
Tel. +358 40 594 9143


International Bottle Museum

In this Museum, you’ll discover how bottles can tell us about our history and the present day. The Museum collection includes 6,000 bottles collected around the world from old Finnish ‘belly bottles’ and square bottles called ‘parrunpätkä’ (Finnish for ‘beam end’) to Chinese bottles used for acupuncture, perfumes and insect repellents. The bottle collections provide an interesting and colorful insight into the cultural history in Finland and abroad.

Museokuja 1, 74300 Sonkajärvi
Tel. +358 40 6750027 


Iisalmi City Library

The Cultural Centre has changing art exhibitions. The building also houses the Natural History Museum, Ylä-Savo College of Music and Kulttuurikapusta Cafe. The Library organises a range of activities, such as story times for small children. During the autumn and winter school breaks, IpanaIisalmi offers holiday activities for children.

Kirkkopuistonkatu 9, 74100 Iisalmi 
Tel. +358 40 830 2712 

Sonkajärvi Central Library, Kirjastotalo Building

Rutakontie 21, 74300 Sonkajärvi 
Tel. +358 40 148 4309

Sukeva Local Library

(Shared service in Sukeva)

Kallentie 2, 74340 Sonkajärvi
Tel. +358 40 148 4306


Vieremä Library

Lyhtytie 2, 74200 Vieremä 
Tel. +358 400 370 12622