Welcome to Iisalmi and Upper Savo!

Upper-Savo consists of seven municipalities: Iisalmi, Keitele, Kiuruvesi, Lapinlahti, Pielavesi, Sonkajärvi and Vieremä. Iisalmi is a beautiful city surrounded by nature and waters. Here you can find home near by the lake and have your own privacy, and still you wouldn't be too far from the city and its amenities. Or, you can have an apartment right in the city central and still have an easy access to nature. No matter where you live in Iisalmi, nature is always close to you. 


City of Iisalmi offers all kinds of job possibilities. Our city’s inhabitant’s and companies’ know-how always surprise people when we tell about it. There is always a demand for skilled workers in Iisalmi. We also provide help, for example, to arrange a job for spouses if necessary. For example technology industry, health sector and agriculture employs a lot of people. 

Iisalmi guide for immigrants (ENG) [2013].pdf
The guide includes more specific information about general things in everyday life (For example living, healthcare etc.)

Find more information about jobs and education here (in English):


Multiculturalism is a resource for Upper Savo, which the region wants to further develop. Foreign sources of workforce are seen as very important resource in the region. Immigrants’ acculturation is supported together with different operators and there is an active Advisory Board for Ethnic Relations in Upper Savo. The immigration and refugee counseling of the city of Iisalmi operates in the city, but also in the rest of Upper Savo area.

More information can be found from our website (in Finnish):

Immigrant expert:
Ulla Piippo(Finnish, English, other languages via translator)

Pohjolankatu 9B
74100 IISALMI 
Phone: 040 6740179
Email: ulla.piippo@iisalmi.fi

Take also a look at www.infofinland.fi, which provides information about Finland on 15 different languages and about studying the Finnish language amongst other things.