It’s easy to come from all directions!

Iisalmi is accessible by train, airplane and coach, and these services operate several times a day. In Finland, public transportation is a reliable and quick way to travel. Thanks to clear signs and well-maintained roads, travelling by car is also easy.

Trains are running daily and this  is an easy and effortless way to travel. A train from Helsinki arrives in Iisalmi nine times a day.

Coaches arrive to Iisalmi from all over the country. Coach is a stress-free choice for both long and short journeys within Finland.

Kuopio Airport is located about 80 kilometres from Iisalmi. Airport coaches run between Iisalmi and the airport several times a day. Flying is the fastest way to travel to Iisalmi from further afield.

Helsinki  473 km, Vaasa  345 km, Kuopio 85 km, Kajaani  89 km, Joensuu 195 km, Oulu 199 km, Rovaniemi 421 km

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