Accessibility in the Culture Center

The Iisalmi Culture Center seeks to take into account different customer groups whenever possible. The house built in 1989 is a product of its own time but the aim is to provide everyone with equal opportunities to access the services of our house.

Arrival to the Culture Center

In front of the Cultural Center there are two car parks for the disabled at the Kirkkopuisto Park. The Culture Center has electrically operated front doors, both on the facade (Kirkkopuistonkatu) and on the parking area of the staff (Päiviönkatu). From the parking lot for the staff, taxis and escorts have easy access to the front door.

The house has an elevator available to the public. From the street level easiest access to the elevator is through the library. You can enter the library through an electronically operated door inside. If needed, ask help from the staff.

Most events have a supervised coat rack. You can ask help from the cloakroom keeper to get your items stored. There is also a few unsupervised coat racks between the counseling and the toilet facilities, which can be accessed without obstructs.

The Culture Center has two restrooms for the disabled. The second is located on the street level behind the cloakroom, the second on the second floor in the lobby of the civic and music school.

The Eino Säisä hall has a total of four places for the disabled, two on the left and two on the right. Variety of wheelchairs can be taken into the Karl Collan hall depending on the quality of the event. In general, an assistant of the disabled is allowed to enter for free, but this depends on the terms and conditions of the organizer. Tickets can be bought online, but the assistant receives a free ticket only from the Culture Center's counseling.


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