Iisalmi Community College, owned and run by the City of Iisalmi, is an institute of general education, where also children and young people can have a hobby and learn a new skill. We are open for everyone who wants to explore new educational areas and develop their abilities, both personally and professionally, for a reasonable investment of time and money. We require no prior qualifications, but then again we are not entitled to award any qualifications or degrees. One of our goals is internationalization and we have received a Quality and Development grant from the Finnish National Board of Education to help us reach our goal together with our students.

The main location of the institute is Iisalmen kulttuurikeskus (Cultural Centre). Education is offered also in several other locations around Iisalmi. You may browse through the courses by clicking the Kurssitarjonta 2014-15 -list on the left. The registration for the courses starts on 25.8.2014 at 7a.m online and at the office at 8.

You can sign up for the groups on 25.8.2014 from 7a.m here online, or over the phone tel. 040 661 9353 or you can fill in the form in the prospectus (that is distributed to every home in August) and return it in the Kansalaisopisto office at Kulttuurikeskus (Cultural Centre) in Kirkkopuistonkatu 9.

We offer courses in the following educational areas:
• Arts (Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Literature)
• Arts and Crafts (Textile Work, Wood and Metalwork, Ceramics, Silverwork and Jewellery)
• Computers and tablets
• Music (Singing, Karaoke, Choirs, International Music Groups)
• Free Public Lectures
• Home and Gardening (Cooking, Gardening)
• Languages (Finnish, English, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Estonian, Swedish, Sign Language etc.)
• Tailored Services for Companies and Organisations
• Wellbeing (Dance, Massage)
• Other (Wedding Planning, Photography, First Aid)

You may study Finnish at the College and the language of instruction is Finnish but some teachers may also use English, Swedish or Russian, if necessary. The groups are filled in the order of registration and some groups may fill up quickly. A group will start, if there are enough students.

Unemployed people, retired people and immigrants get a -20% discount on all courses (excluding some special courses). Immigrants, who attend Finnish language courses can also join other language courses and arts and crafts for free, in order to enhance the acculturation process. A multicultural music group can also be joined completely free!

Iisalmi Community College has recently been given the right to organize the National Certificates of Language Proficiency in the English and Finnish Intermediate level, YKI. In Iisalmi the English Intermediate level test will be held 25.3.2017 and the Finnish Intermediate test on 8.4.2017. The registration period for the Finnish test is 1-28.2.2017. In order to register for the test go to this address: http://www.oph.fi/koulutus_ja_tutkinnot/kielitutkinnot/yleiset_kielitutkinnot/ilmoittautuminen and fill in the registration form. Then send it by email to saara.kurki@iisalmi.fi or by post to Iisalmen kansalaisopisto PL 5, 74101 IISALMI

Contact info

Iisalmi Community College
Cultural Centre, Kirkkopuistonkatu 9
74100 Iisalmi

Tel. +358 40 661 9353