Day Care Services

 Early childhood education is offered according to the needs of the family as hourly care in a kindergarten or family day care. The area of responsibility for early childhood education consists of 4 operating units, i.e. the southern, northern, family daycare and preschool operating units. There are five municipal daycare centers and 18 municipal family daycare providers. Early childhood education services are also provided by 5 private daycare centers, 9 private family daycare providers and 2 private group family daycare centers supervised by the city. Families' freedom of choice between municipal and private early childhood education is supported with a service voucher.
Daycare centers are generally open from 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Shift care is provided by the daycare center in Simpukka and the Paloinen daycare center. Daycare center Simpukka offers round-the-clock care and Paloinen daycare is open with extended opening hours Mon-Fri.
Preschool education
Preschool education is organized in 4 municipal and 5 private kindergartens. In addition, there are full-time preschool groups in schools. Preschool groups located in schools are subject to the Early Childhood Education Act.

In childcare matters your contact person is Director of early childhood Katja Koskela.