Iisalmi-based Purkumerkki is the perfect example of how the Iisalmi region nurtures business.

Mikko Mähönen started his business in 2015. He had a business idea but no capital.

“I did take a payday loan for the share capital,” Mikko confesses. After a modest start, Mikko’s business grew quickly. In its first financial year, Purkumerkki generated a turnover of more than 400,000 euros. The next year, the company moved into a higher gear and doubled its turnover.

Mikko’s payday loan was soon repaid. “My original idea was to carry out indoor demolition work. But then we decided to make a bold move and invest in machinery.”

“Suddenly we realised we were able to compete with the big national demolition firms, and we haven’t changed course since.”

Purkumerkki currently operates nationwide, from as far south as Helsinki to as far north as Rovaniemi. At the moment, the company employs 20 full-time personnel, and its turnover has tripled from the first year. Every year, the company has grown.

“I am incredibly proud of my crew. We have been able to deliver on projects with really tight schedules and high environmental demands.”

Part of Purkumerkki’s strong as iron competence is the ability to almost fully recycle all materials from the demolition site.

“There are no buildings that we would not be able to demolish. Schools, industrial plants, hospitals, even playhouses. Whatever we are asked to tear down, we will.”