A rolling stone gathers no moss. Neither does a physically active person.

Born and raised in Iisalmi, Laila Kämäräinen adopted a physically active lifestyle more than twenty years ago. In her experience, exercise is the best medicine, just as it says in her company advertisement.

“I’ve been a big fan of exercise for more than twenty years. I’ve been doing it as a living for more than ten years, and now I’m into my fourth year as a business owner,” Kämäräinen recounts.

After working as an instructor in a sports centre for ten years, Laila decided to take a giant leap with her husband Timo Korhonen: they bought their former employer’s company, Liike Bowling and Sports Centre located in the Kankaan Liikuntapuisto sports park.

The previous owners had transformed the former tennis and squash hall into a versatile sports facility with tennis courts, a well-equipped gym, and an eight-lane bowling alley. The facilities also included various simulators and conference rooms.

After they bought the business, the couple have picked up their pace. As business owners they tend to work long hours, but thanks to their background – a fitness instructor and a personal trainer – they are fit for the task.

“Group exercise classes and encouraging people to adopt an active lifestyle is my passion. I want to make you move, laugh, feel good, and love a healthy life.”

What was first a hobby became a passion, then a job. A job gradually turned into the business of encouraging others to become physically active and feel better.

“Come and join us at Liike for fun exercise that is guaranteed to make you feel great. This is something I absolutely love doing, and I would love to share the experience with you.”

Liike Sports Centre makes small miracles happen every day. People come in tired, but after a fun and invigorating exercise class they emerge revitalised, ready to perform miracles the next day.