International projects and co-operation

Following the principles of the national curriculum, the Upper Secondary School of Iisalmi aims at promoting cultural awareness and strengthening cultural identity. This involves appreciation of both Finnish and foreign cultures, ability to communicate in foreign languages and intention to actively participate in building a multicultural society, which is based on the principles of mutual respect and tolerance. Hence we are proud of having been nominated a UNESCO school in 2008.

Our school has an international affairs committee called Cultura, consisting of ten highly motivated and keen teachers, who mainly work on a voluntary basis. The various activities organized by the committee have included numerous EU projects, co-operation with twin schools abroad, organizing school events, sponsoring students in developing countries as well as supporting student and teacher exchange programmes. International projects have led to us making frequent visits to various countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Russia, Estonia and Sweden. We are also accustomed to hosting foreign visitors, whom we have always welcomed with warm hospitality.

The latest EU project ‘Jugend wirbt für Europa’ commenced in September 2008. It involves co-operation between schools in seven countries, and the aim is to research and produce advertisements concerning the European Union. Supporting the project, our curriculum includes two courses related to ensuring greater cultural awareness, readiness to encounter foreign cultures, improving social skills as well as working on the project theme.