Iisalmi offers pleasant stay whether you are looking for accommodation in urban or rural area.  


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Restaurants and cafes

Whether you crave for the local specialties or good home-cooked meals you won’t have to leave with empty stomach from Iisalmi.


There are events all year around in our city! 2011 is the 150th anniversary of the birth of the author Juhani Aho and the 120th anniversary of the founding of the Town of Iisalmi. Anniversary year is being celebrated in Iisalmi and Upper Savo in many ways.

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Iisalmi is the place where east and west meet – visit historic evacuee center, Juhani Aho’s museum, world’s smallest restaurant Kuappi or wooden sculptures of Koljonvirta tourism centre.



Iisalmi and the surrounding area offer wide-ranging activities for leisure. In beautiful and clean nature. 



There is abundant of shopping opportunities in Iisalmi. You can visit flea markets, department stores, clothing stores and gift shops. Newest shopping centre Iisa will be opened in august.

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