Gazing at the beautiful vista across Porovesi Lake in Luuniemi, you wouldn't know that you're only 500 metres from Iisalmi’s market square.

It’s so tranquil and serene around here. So quiet that you can hear it and almost touch it. No humming or rattling, no squealing or even splashing.

In this silence that has become perceptible to the senses the best audio systems are made. They are loudspeakers for listening to the quietude of nature.

Music professionals around the world have praised the natural sound of Genelec, and that is created here in Luuniemi, Iisalmi.

“Genelec’s appreciation for nature is born out of the values that are important to our people,” says Maria Martikainen.

Taking responsibility for our environment is a big thing, even larger than life. No matter what humanity gets up to, our actions invariably have an impact on nature. So, what we should ask is how well do people and businesses consider the consequences of their actions. Genelec has an answer.

“Our goal is to make products as sustainable as possible, and we take the utmost care of nature in producing them.”

Climate change concerns us all. While big nations and large companies far across the oceans may have a greater impact on the Earth’s climate, we can all strive to act in an environmentally responsible way because small actions do make a difference.

Just look at one Swedish teenager who was able to make the whole world think about the climate change. Change is created with small steps but for Genelec, environmental responsibility is a major theme.

“For us, it means continuously and critically reviewing and challenging the ways in which we think and act,” says Maria Martikainen.