How far is Iisalmi from Hotel Hilton in Mogliano in Italy, or Pretoria University campus in South Africa?

If you were to ask someone working with Thermowood in Soinlahti, not very far at all. Depends on which route you're taking, they’d say.

Located in Soinlahti in Iisalmi, Lunawood is not only the world’s largest Thermowood producer, but also an innovative pioneer and international market leader. “We use heat and steam to treat Finnish pine and spruce to make it last where ordinary timber wouldn't stand a chance,” says Saara Kettunen from Lunawood.

Wood treated by Lunawood is shipped from Iisalmi to more than sixty countries across the globe. Thermowood has a great deal of end uses, but they all are all environmentally friendly applications of timber construction.

Lunawood Thermowood features in Hotel Hilton’s facade in Mogliano, a town located an hour's drive from Venice. In Pretoria, the new university campus has been finished with Thermowood pine solar shades.

Other projects include hotels in Belek, Turkey, and Pattaya, Thailand, floating luxury villas in Dubai and a healthcare and day care centre in Kaskinen.

Having started from nothing in 2002, Lunawood had become a global market leader in ten years.

In Finland, this growth enterprise employs people in its production plants in Iisalmi, Kaskinen and Joensuu, and has more than a hundred employees at its headquarters in Lahti.

“Lunawood people are extremely committed to and passionate about their work. We take a lot of pride in our Thermowood.”