Made in Iisalmi - Leading Enterprises

Iisalmi is home to several globally successful companies and the city is a lively and vital
centre of the economic area. Companies based in the town represent different lines of businesses,
and the key companies are export-driven. Around the world, Iisalmi and its surrounding
area are known for their expertise in metals, especially their state-of-the-art mechanical
engineering. In addition, Iisalmi-based companies export audiovisual technology and special
vehicles. Here you can reade more about the leading companies.

Olvi - Last bastion of Independence

 Olvi is a Finnish beverage company, which wants to offer beverage enjoyment and positive experiences for its consumers. Olvi has operated 133 years in Iisalmi. Currently the company operates locally in Finland, Belarus and the Baltic states. At 1878 when Olvi was founded, there were about 78 breweries operating in Finland. Olvi is the only one of them that has remained as an independent Finnish company. 
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Genelec - Sound passion

Genelec is the world leading manufacturer of Active Monitoring Loudspeakers. These products can be found in all the top studios and broadcast houses as well as many high end home theaters around the globe! Genelec, founded in 1978 and based in Iisalmi, is a manufacturer of active loudspeaker systems especially for professional studio recording, mixing and mastering applications as well as in broadcast and movie production. Also wide range of home cinema loudspeakers.

Normet - For Though Jobs

Normet provides demanding solutions for selected customer processes in underground mining and tunnelling. Normet is one of the market leaders in the world. Company’s head office with Group and R&D functions is located in Iisalmi, Finland, and manufacturing is done both in Iisalmi and in Santiago de Chile. Normet employs over 600 business professionals. Normet Group’s turnover in 2010 totalled over EUR 115 million.

Ponsse - Loggers best friend

Ponsse Plc specialises in the sales, production, maintenance and technology of cut-to-length forest machines. Its operations are guided by a genuine interest in its customers and their business operations The company was established by forest machine entrepreneur Einari Vidgrén in 1970, and it has been a pioneer of timber harvesting solutions based on the cut-tolength method ever since. Ponsse is headquartered in Vieremä and maintenance unit in Iisalmi. The Company’s share are quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic List.

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Profile Vehicles - Two Stripes for Quality

Profile Vehicles designs and manufacturesspecial vehicles from various automobile brands. Our primary product is the ambulance vehicle, used in tens of countries, in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Profile ambulances act all over the world as ambassadors for a new kind of thinking, in which the ambulance is a part of safe nursing, not just a means of transport.

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Green Fuel Nordic Oy 

Green Fuel Nordic Oy is a Finnish biorefining company. In the upcoming years, we aim to build several biorefineries in Finland that will utilize commercially proven RTP™ technology. Iisalmi and Savonlinna are the slated locations of the first refineries. Upon start-up of refining operations, we will offer a lucrative and local alternative to fossil fuels, and we will be a frontrunner in the refining of second-generation liquid biofuels.

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Other companies operating in the Iisalmi area include the following:

Componenta Corporation (ready-to-install cast, geared and machined components to industry)
Iisalmen Sahat Corporation (wood processing)
Finnforest Plc (wood processing)
Toolfac Corporation(fine-mechanical components)
IS-VET Corporation (teaching and laboratory equipment)